zfs-linux* packages provides prebuilt modules. Prebuilt modules are kernel-specific, i.e., module built for 5.11.1 is incompatible with 5.11.2. For this reason, zfs-linux* depends on a particular kernel version.

Example: if linux=5.11.2 is available, but zfs-linux=5.11.2 is not available, you can not upgrade to linux=5.11.2 until zfs-linux=5.11.2 came out.

zfs-linux* is recommended for users who are using stock kernels from Arch Linux repo and can accept kernel update delays.

You can also switch between zfs-linux* and zfs-dkms packages later.

For other kernels or Arch-based distros, use zfs-dkms package.

Available packages

  • zfs-linux

  • zfs-linux-lts

  • zfs-linux-zen

  • zfs-linux-hardened


  1. Check kernel variant:

    INST_LINVAR=$(sed 's|.*linux|linux|' /proc/cmdline | sed 's|.img||g' | awk '{ print $1 }')
  2. Check compatible kernel version:

    INST_LINVER=$(pacman -Si zfs-${INST_LINVAR} | grep 'Depends On' | sed "s|.*${INST_LINVAR}=||" | awk '{ print $1 }')
  3. Install kernel. Download from archive if kernel is not available:

    if [ ${INST_LINVER} = \
    $(pacman -Si ${INST_LINVAR} | grep Version | awk '{ print $3 }') ]; then
     pacman -S --noconfirm --needed ${INST_LINVAR}
     pacman -U --noconfirm --needed \
  4. Install zfs-linux:

    pacman -Sy zfs-${INST_LINVAR}
  5. Ignore kernel updates:

    sed -i 's/#IgnorePkg/IgnorePkg/' /etc/pacman.conf
    sed -i "/^IgnorePkg/ s/$/ ${INST_LINVAR} ${INST_LINVAR}-headers zfs-${INST_LINVAR} zfs-utils/" /etc/pacman.conf
  6. Load kernel module:

    modprobe zfs

Update kernel

To update kernel, run:

INST_LINVAR=$(sed 's|.*linux|linux|' /proc/cmdline | sed 's|.img||g' | awk '{ print $1 }')
pacman -Sy --needed --noconfirm ${INST_LINVAR} ${INST_LINVAR}-headers zfs-${INST_LINVAR} zfs-utils