FSCK.ZFS(8) System Manager's Manual FSCK.ZFS(8)

dummy ZFS filesystem checker

fsck.zfs [
] dataset

fsck.zfs is a thin shell wrapper that at most checks the status of a dataset's container pool. It is installed by OpenZFS because some Linux distributions expect a fsck helper for all filesystems.
If more than one dataset is specified, each is checked in turn and the results binary-ored.


ZFS datasets are checked by running zpool scrub on the containing pool. An individual ZFS dataset is never checked independently of its pool, which is unlike a regular filesystem.
However, the fsck(8) interface still allows it to communicate some errors: if the dataset is in a degraded pool, then fsck.zfs will return exit code 4 to indicate an uncorrected filesystem error.
Similarly, if the dataset is in a faulted pool and has a legacy /etc/fstab record, then fsck.zfs will return exit code 8 to indicate a fatal operational error.

fstab(5), fsck(8), zpool-scrub(8)
May 26, 2021 Debian