MOUNT.ZFS(8) System Manager's Manual MOUNT.ZFS(8)

mount ZFS filesystem

mount.zfs [
] [
-o options
] dataset mountpoint

The mount.zfs helper is used by mount(8) to mount filesystem snapshots and mountpoint=legacy ZFS filesystems, as well as by zfs(8) when the ZFS_MOUNT_HELPER environment variable is not set. Users should should invoke either mount(8) or zfs(8) in most cases.
options are handled according to the Temporary Mount Point Properties section in zfsprops(7), except for those described below.
If /etc/mtab is a regular file and -n was not specified, it will be updated via libmount.

Ignore unknown (sloppy) mount options.
Do everything except actually executing the system call.
Never update /etc/mtab.
Print resolved mount options and parser state.
Print the usage message.
This private flag indicates that mount(8) is being called by the zfs(8) command.

fstab(5), mount(8), zfs-mount(8)
May 24, 2021 Debian