ZFS-DIFF(8) System Manager's Manual ZFS-DIFF(8)

Display the difference between two snapshots of a given filesystem.

zfs diff [
] snapshot snapshot|filesystem

zfs diff [
] snapshot snapshot|filesystem
Display the difference between a snapshot of a given filesystem and another snapshot of that filesystem from a later time or the current contents of the filesystem. The first column is a character indicating the type of change, the other columns indicate pathname, new pathname (in case of rename), change in link count, and optionally file type and/or change time. The types of change are:
-       The path has been removed 
+       The path has been created 
M       The path has been modified 
R       The path has been renamed
Display an indication of the type of file, in a manner similar to the -F option of ls(1).
B       Block device 
C       Character device 
/       Directory 
>       Door 
|       Named pipe 
@       Symbolic link 
P       Event port 
=       Socket 
F       Regular file
Give more parsable tab-separated output, without header lines and without arrows.
Display the path's inode change time as the first column of output.

June 30, 2019 Debian