Arch Linux



Reach out to the community using the Mailing Lists or IRC at #zfsonlinux on Libera Chat.

If you have a bug report or feature request related to this HOWTO, please file a new issue and mention @ne9z.


Due to license incompatibility, ZFS is not available in Arch Linux official repo.

ZFS support is provided by third-party archzfs repo.


See Archlinux Wiki.

Root on ZFS

ZFS can be used as root file system for Arch Linux. An installation guide is available.


  1. Fork and clone this repo.

  2. Install the tools:

    sudo pacman -S --needed python-pip make
    pip3 install -r docs/requirements.txt
    # Add ~/.local/bin to your "${PATH}", e.g. by adding this to ~/.bashrc:
    [ -d "${HOME}"/.local/bin ] && export PATH="${HOME}"/.local/bin:"${PATH}"
  3. Make your changes.

  4. Test:

    cd docs
    make html
    sensible-browser _build/html/index.html
  5. git commit --signoff to a branch, git push, and create a pull request. Mention @ne9z.