ZFS-ZONE(8) System Manager's Manual ZFS-ZONE(8)

zfs-zone, zfs-unzoneattach and detach ZFS filesystems to user namespaces

zfs zone nsfile filesystem

zfs unzone nsfile filesystem

zfs zone nsfile filesystem
Attach the specified filesystem to the user namespace identified by nsfile. From now on this file system tree can be managed from within a user namespace if the zoned property has been set.

You cannot attach a zoned dataset's children to another user namespace. You can also not attach the root file system of the user namespace or any dataset which needs to be mounted before the zfs service is run inside the user namespace, as it would be attached unmounted until it is mounted from the service inside the user namespace.

To allow management of the dataset from within a user namespace, the zoned property has to be set and the user namespaces needs access to the /dev/zfs device. The property cannot be changed from within a user namespace.

After a dataset is attached to a user namespace and the zoned property is set, a zoned file system cannot be mounted outside the user namespace, since the user namespace administrator might have set the mount point to an unacceptable value.

zfs unzone nsfile filesystem
Detach the specified filesystem from the user namespace identified by nsfile.

The following example delegates the tank/users dataset to a user namespace identified by user namespace file /proc/1234/ns/user.

# zfs zone /proc/1234/ns/user tank/users


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