Message ID: ZFS-8000-14

Corrupt ZFS cache






The ZFS cache file is corrupted.

Automated Response:

No automated response will be taken.


ZFS filesystems are not available.

Suggested Action for System Administrator

ZFS keeps a list of active pools on the filesystem to avoid having to scan all devices when the system is booted. If this file is corrupted, then normally active pools will not be automatically opened. The pools can be recovered using the zpool import command:

# zpool import
  pool: test
    id: 12743384782310107047
 state: ONLINE
action: The pool can be imported using its name or numeric identifier.

        test              ONLINE
          sda9            ONLINE

This will automatically scan /dev for any devices part of a pool. If devices have been made available in an alternate location, use the -d option to zpool import to search for devices in a different directory.

Once you have determined which pools are available for import, you can import the pool explicitly by specifying the name or numeric identifier:

# zpool import test

Alternately, you can import all available pools by specifying the -a option. Once a pool has been imported, the ZFS cache will be repaired so that the pool will appear normally in the future.


The Message ID: ZFS-8000-14 indicates a corrupted ZFS cache file. Take the documented action to resolve the problem.